Maryann Herman

Maryann Herman, St. John Fisher College

I am an Associate Professor who just finished my 10th year at St. John Fisher College, a small, liberal arts college in upstate NY. I joined ASPB because of its active education group and PUI workshop at national meetings.  I am grateful for the collaborators I have met through the society and want to find ways to help increase involvement of and benefits to professors and students from PUIs.  Over the past year, I have served as Vice Chair of the committee to create an ASPB PUI section.  I’ve worked collaboratively to produce the proposal for creation of the PUI section, have researched bylaws and constitutions of other ASPB sections, and would pursue creation of a mentoring network within the group (ie. career advice, external reviewers for tenure and promotion).  I welcome the opportunity to continue working with this highly motivated group.